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established in Reiwa 0 year

It's a project to create 10 jobs.

2018.11    started as a used clothing shop with a live house

2019.5   went to Morocco for purchase

2020.6      set a "DIY cafe 1㎡"

2020.10    set a pole for pole dancing

2021.12    open as a guest house        

2022.2−3  went to Mexico for purchase

2022.GW   open new shop at Tobichi shotengai.

created by Toma & Shun


We are back from Mexico.
​Now we are setting prices and opening new shop at Tobichi shotengai in GW.


へんあいじゃーにー」picked us up, this is awesome!

It's edited by Ka2 and Kota who are close friends of us.

Please check it. 


added "pieces" in our HP for pole dance and pyrography WS.

We hope to see you in the workshops.

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